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So much is about the particular chemistry of the two people playing the two characters, finding different layers of who they are.
William Shakespeares as U like it adapted by Emma Weinstein and Michael Breslin with original music by Julian Hornik directed by Emma Weinstein Choreographers: Michael Breslin, Erron Crawford; Music Director, Arranger, Composer, Sound Designer: Liam Bellman-Sharpe; Scenic Designer: Elsa GibsonBraden; Costume Designer: Alicia.
Of course, as the day in court nears, Angel must be coached in how to deny everything.But alas, though Orlando might don foppish attire and let Ganymede give him one on the lips, its still a slot machines 99 story of girl meets boy and boy meets girl.Here, director Connors makes the tense and difficult scene between these two men achieve a cathartic climax, abetted by his two fully engaging actors whose control of the material is impressive and convincing.Willinger never lets us forgetfor all the heroizing of his fellow inmatesthat McMurphy is just an average guy, mostly flying by the seat of his pants.Rather, the shared stories tell more about the weakness of women in drinking / dating / texting against their better judgment.The whole punctuated by Chaves strutting and asiding and singing and making a show of being on show.The main question, Watson said, is can Beane be healed from the effects of some earlier damage, and how will that affect others?One thing that interested Donahue in the play is the fact that its about mature women and not vis à vis men, the characters are not defined by relations to men.
At the heart of each scene is the mother of each family, and part of the fascination of the play is watching Kelly McAndrew (Actor 1) enact three very different matriarchs.
Their encounter there sparks a contretemps that may capsize their particular love boat.
The Woman (Andrea Goss) is looking right out over the audience in TheaterWorks intimate space.
Finally, even straight-laced Midge lets her adolescent self loose.Who should arrive but Duke Fredericks sister Olivia (Zoe Mann, a bit like Janet.Theres a contrast between a lower-class identity and an upward mobility that feels right for a demographic en route to dumping the Democrats for the Republicans.Tony Award winner (for this show on Broadway, as well as Follies ) Gregg Barnes does Man in Chairs imagination proud, including the chinoiserie of a strange interlude that opens Act Two, and extending to countless costume changesand not just for the starlet.As such, the play is something of a remedy to the cutesy version of the South as full of charming and idiosyncratic characters.As the aged Arturo, Jonathan Nichols handles well the best scene between Arturo and Valeria, where we learn how things ended.The main criteria for a play being done by New Haven Theater Companya troupe of 11 most of whom also directis that it suits their company and their audience.Charles Erickson) This is the third production Williamson has directed at the theaterfollowing Caryl Churchills satiric Cloud 9 and an explosive Seder by Sarah Gancherand she tends to go for edgy.He gets Mary Jane Hanrahan (Bridget McCarthy an attorney Angel offends by calling her a bitch, but who takes the case because she sees a certain sense in Angels plea and prides herself on turning juries her way.

The plot, as such, isnt the point however, and Greenes characters, under Pendletons direction, make us inhabit that difficult space of questioning and judging the actions, and even the emotions, of other people.
John McGarvey for Les Cheveux Salon Cast: Katya Collazo; Andrew.
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