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When do i get my reenlistment bonus

when do i get my reenlistment bonus

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Your finance or personnel office should be able to help you with this.
Lets take a look at enlistment and reenlistment bonuses, including how much they can run, how they are paid out, and what you can expect if you receive one.The military is one of the first major challenges many young adults face.Take advantage of every opportunity Take advantage of education, pay, travel, skills, training, and other benefits Closing: Look, I know the military isnt perfect and it may not be the long-term answer for your career.If your job is eligible for a bonus, you will typically receive it after you finish your basic training and initial technical training.If you qualify for a bonus, you want to know when you get paid, right?If youve been in 6 months, youve probably made it through basic, and either all the way through tech school or AIT, or at least part chichancy casino way.It just flat out does.
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My guess is that if you finish your initial contract and decide to get out, you will be glad you stuck with it, even newton bingo country if you realize part way through the military isnt for you in the long reindeer rummy card game run.
This gives you some advanced retirement planning options should you choose to go that route ( well save that for another article ).There are several factors to consider, including your military discharge type, missing out on the experience and training you otherwise would have received, earning potential, missed benefits, and more.But well get to all that.This will be based on the amount of money you have received and how much time remains on your contract.BCD Bad Conduct Discharge bcnr Board of Corrections of Naval Records biots Best Intrest of the Service BLS Basic Life Support BMT Basic Military Training BOA Board of Advisors BOL Bureau Of Naval Personnel Online boost Broaded Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training BOS Base.Several readers have left questions in the comments section, or have contacted me via email to ask what they should do if they never received their enlistment bonus or reenlistment bonus.

Other branches may have similar programs that allow active duty members off early in exchange for transitioning into the Guard or Reserves.