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Upswing poker ranges

That will be the va lottery scratch off subject of another post, namely, how the fish are reacting to preflop raises and the increasingly common isolation raise, even at the nanos.
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Or would they just call with the draw?
Here the villain is a spazzy fish and my read is that the flop shove is a weak made hand, likely one pair, and I could easily have 15 outs, in which case I'm happy to call since I'm the favorite.
No plus ones no shares Post has attachment Navigating the transition from student to professional can be difficult, but AdGrad breaks down 6 ways to ease the transition: /1t1ok2X 6 Career Tips From AdGrads Add a comment.Min raising other ways.I call it kansas star casino new years eve 'fear of postflop'.Question: Does a fish ever do this kind of thing with a draw, even a really nice draw like AKs on a two tone flop?Issue #2: What's up with the min 3bet with K9s?Even though I lost, I'm quite satisfied because I got it in deep as a 60/40 favorite which is of course a very good thing.

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Stop and go's, ie min 3bet and pot the flop esp if oop.
I think a lot of them call down and don't shove their draws, or even bet them strongly, ever.