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Topcashback payout problems

topcashback payout problems

Many thanks in advance!
Alternatively, you used casino slot machines for sale can transfer your payable cashback in to Reward Wallet and gain access to a wide range of gift cards and prepaid cards.You should never assume any portal has the best rate, always check first to make sure.At present you cannot split the cashback amount from one merchant.To request a payout please go to the.If you just post your referral link then it will be removed.They also have differing levels of customer service when something goes wrong, ideally you want a cash back portal that does all of the following: Pays at a high rate consistently.The rooms were booked for the christmas and new year's break, but topcashback said the cashback has already been declined before I stay in the hotels, it is just not right at all.Tracks offers quickly and correctly, has a good customer service system if something does go wrong.
These will only be available once you have transactions at payable status.
The help page also has some very generic advice.
This time the reason (excuse) I was given is there was another marketing channel involved to the sale.
Any advice and suggestions are very much appreciated.
I has asked topcashback to show me an evidence of this other marketing channel which was involved to the sale, so far I have heard nothing from topcashback.
CashBackMonitor for this as it allows you to set up alerts for when a particular merchant starts offering X discount.We allow you to post your referral links in the comments, but to do so you must post a profitable offer that can be found in the TopCashBack portal.They may not pay as much but, darn it, all transactions register automatically and they pay regularly and, most importantly, they never wasted my time tracking down money owed to me!Occasionally, a merchant may have restrictions on the payout type that their cashback can be requested by, but where possible this will be stated on the merchant page before your purchase.I didn't get my cashback and I did not even know the real reason!Posted by, william Charles on July 9, 2014, topCashBack (TCB) is a cash back portal that allows you to earn money for purchases you make online.