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The pick payout

the pick payout

four possible winning combinations),200 1:2,500.
ET) draw, or corrup sabc payout both for both the midday and evening drawings.
Pick 4 drawings are held twice daily, seven days per week, at approximately 1:30.m.
Watch the drawing, a 50 play buys you a chance to win up 2,500; 1 buys you a chance to win up to 5,000.Combines.50 Straight and.50 Box wager (1 minimum wager).Covers all Straight combinations (1.50 minimum wager).Wager amounts higher than those shown above will multiply the prize by that dollar amount.g., a winning.00 Straight wager would win 1,800, etc.You can play any day, up to seven days in advance, Sunday-Saturday by choosing advance play.Select the amount you want to play: 50 cents or 1 (all.
Use your existing ticket to purchase a new ticket with your same favorite numbers No need to fill out or keep your playslip Just hand the store clerk your ticket and ask to "Play it Again" Play It Again feature will not work on tickets.
Important: Marking Straight/Box, Super Straight, or "1-OFF" wager will increase the amount of your wager.
The same numbers may be used more than once.
It's fast and easy!
Players must be at least 18 years old to play.6-WAY (using three different numbers with six possible winning combinations) (6 x 50) 600 (6 x 1) 1:167 3-WAY (using two same numbers with three possible winning combinations) (3 x 50) 600 (3 x 1) 1:333 1-OFF: Match your numbers to the winning numbers.To play, simply pick up a pick 4 playslip at an authorized Florida Lottery retailer.Payout, straight 1:10,000 2,500 1-OFF on one digit 1:1, OFF on four digits 1:625 50 1-OFF on two digits 1:416.67 25 1-OFF on three digits 1:312.50 15 Now you know how to play pick 4 1-OFF!Each playslip contains five panels (A-E).BOX straight* 4-WAY 1112 1:10,000 1:2,500 599 3,099 6-WAY 1122 1:10,000 1:1,666.67 400 2,900 12-WAY 1123 1:10,000 1:833.33 200 2,700 24-WAY 1234 1:10,000 1:416.67 100 2,600 1-OFF Match in exact order or off by one on any or all of your 4 digits in exact.Check the official drawing results to see if you're a winner!Select your four numbers, or QP to let the terminal randomly pick some or all of your numbers.1:10,000 2,500 5,000 BOX Match in any order 50 Play.00 Play 4-WAY 1112 1:2,500 599 1,198 6-WAY 1122 1:1,666.Each game.Prizes of less than 600 may be claimed at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer.24-WAY (using four different numbers with twenty-four possible winning combinations) exact order 2,600 1:10, ANY order 100 1:417 12-WAY (using two same numbers with twelve possible winning combinations) exact order 2,700 1:10, ANY order 200 1:833 6-WAY (using two pairs of numbers with six possible.Please check your ticket(s) before you leave the store.Read the Pick 4 Rules.

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