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Strategy of war card game

War seems to be a game of chance.
This is best demonstrated with an example suppose Alice is playing to beat Bob.
A strategy for the game of war?This means the joker can beat the ace and king.In all cases of ties, face-down cards are exposed before being collected.Only a player with an extremely good memory and the ability to visualize extremely quickly card positions in both decks will be able to consistently implement this strategy over the course of a game.In this variation, aces still beat all cards except one, the queen of spades.Sounds sort of simple, but to receive unconditional victory in the android game ".The rule for handling ties mitigates against this problem somewhat, however.
Players2 ages6 setup_time 2 min playing_time 10-40 minutes complexityLow strategyLow random_chanceHigh skills Counting, how to play, the cards are divided evenly, with each player's cards remaining face-down.
In one blood-thirsty variation, the number of face-down cards equals the pip free online card games crescent solitaire value of the cards, with face cards being ten and ace eleven.
Alice is playing to beat Bob.
This is called a "war".
A war occurs only when the 2 highest cards tie.
Battle players from all around the world in this free, multiplayer action game!It mugen how to add bonus stages is most often played as a children's game because of its fobox_Game subject_nameWar image_link image_captionThe game of "War ".Joker card, lower left.However, over the long-term, as the deck sizes change (as both players collect cards) and as more and more cards are revealed, it becomes extremely difficult mdash;indeed, nearly impossible mdash;to implement this strategy.War Heroes: Clash in a Free Strategy Card Game you need to know about all the features presented in the draft cards, of which there are about thirty pieces).But this got me thinking, what about other simple strategies?

Is there then a strategy which can give you an advantage?
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