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Slot aperture trim

Which will fit the drilled and tapped receiver mounting holes.
(For a fitted Skinner Patridge front sight add 20 for Blue and 22 for Brass) (Front sight hood will still fit with this modification but the distance from the top of a taller front sight to the hood will of course be smaller) Send.All Submittals require a Project Container. No promises (please see our FAQ page) but our 3/8"X.600" Front Sight.570" Fiber Optic are good places to start.Ignatius, MT 59865 The Mini shot Reflex RED DOT Sight Using our simple, LOW, special mount, dawson boyd blackjacks this RED DOT Reflex sight is a great companion to your skinner peep sight This sight will fit the: henry frontier #H001T (and variants) henry pump #H003 golden BOY.Send it to: Skinner Sights LLC,.O." click here TO order extra apertures.Carefully wrap the receiver in a padded wrap and ship using a cardboard box.With a barrel mounted peep sight you don't need to worry about where the front sight is in the " notch". .If your word has any anagrams, they'll be listed too along with a definition for the word if we have one.
Please SEE OUR scope mount page TO order The new Henry H010AW All Weather rifles are amazing.
On rimfire Octagonal barrel models, use one of our 3/8".600" barrel mounted front sight and "trim" to the exact height you need while actually shooting on paper. .
(If Skinner Sights had been present during that era, we would have made sure they were!) Available only in Brass.
We hope that you find the site useful.
Flavor black gold 110.00 usdblue.00 usdbrass.00 USD FOR THE BIG BOY rifles (Centerfire Pistol Calibers) please scroll further down TO THE BIG BOY express.100 as pictured please order using THE drop BOX above THE Skinner "rimfire" Groove Sight This sight looks great on your.22 and 17 HMR Henry Rifles H001 models with grooves ON TOP OF THE receiver.) Fully Elevation and Windage Adjustable blue 80 black gold 100.The sight picture is quick to acquire. .Very accurate with little required adjusting.Please select from the list to associate the project to this configuration submittal.We recommend shooting on paper with your new express sight prior to making a front sight change.I took them to the range this past weekend and am thoroughly enjoying the enhanced focus." (Shown here on a Henry "Big Boy "I cant tell you how happy I am with these sights, they look fantastic!" these sights work!If we are asked, we will "suggest" our 1/2"x.650" front (and trim to exact height as needed) or our.570" tall Fiber Optic front sight.Henry repeating arms, a quick guide to Henry Rifles!

Currently there are 9 basic models offered on the.
Same as our Marlin 336 Sights) IF YOU havenry "BIG BOY" rifle #H006 (Brass)  and #H012 (Steel) this IS THE sight FOR YOU.
(30-30 and 45-70 both Brass and Steel Receiver) Available in Skinner "black gold"     135 Skinner "gold"    135 "stainless" "ALL blue/black" Choose Material black gold 135.00 usdskinner gold 135.00 usdstainless 135.00 usdblue 125.00 USD Shipped with.096" aperture installed.