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Short term incentive bonus

The decision to implement this plan was made to create a strong and sustainable link between the Clariant business cycle and the value development of the company.
4.3 In exceptional circumstances, the Committee may waive or change the performance measures, or any other factors, after they have been communicated to Participants if the Committee reasonably considers it yugioh get your game on card appropriate to.A the, performance Share Unit (PSU plan was introduced in 2013 for all senior managers and replaced the former Tradable Option Plan [email protected] employees individual performance will be honored in the annual review of total compensation and his/her career development.Coverage that is withdrawn or does not meet the terms listed in these rules will not count toward contest bonus.The underlying share price was CHF 19.10."Incentive programs are alive and well at companies from all different sectors Kerry Chou, WorldatWork senior practice leader on compensation, e-mailed.The plan normally includes a predetermined, defined formula for allocating profit shares among participants and for distributing funds accumulated under the plan.
Applications cannot be split between brokers.
The individual amount of bonus payments generated in a year is determined by the achieved result of the Clariant Group measured against clear objectives.
These investment shares will then be blocked and held in a custody account for a period of three years.
Short-Term Incentive Plans (cash bonus) a the, group Management Bonus Plan (gmbp) is anchored in the overall performance cycle at Clariant.
These organizations favor simplicity by operating a limited number of short-term incentive plans.In case of termination of employment before the end of the blocking period, the right to matching shares lapses and a cash amount will be paid instead, equal to the pro rata temporis portion (considering employment during the blocking period).Under this plan key managers have to invest part of their compensation in Clariant shares.These programs often are used when measurable output is the result of group effort and it is difficult to separate individual contributions.The key principles have been to reduce complexity, increase transparency, and ensure a coordinated and unified »One Clariant« approach throughout all employee groups and countries.For 2015, it was decided in March to grant PSUs for 2015.Through intensive discussions and systematic alignment meetings, this cycle ensures a challenging business-specific target agreement for each clashmas com bonus Business Unit and Service Unit (BU/SU).Any required disclosures to brokers clients are brokers sole responsibility.As outlined in our compensation concept, we aim for a more aggressive pay-mix than is the norm in international markets; thus, this 100-percent approach ensures competitive positioning compared with other companies.November 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018, and issued by February 15, 2018.C) Restricted shares for the Board of Directors This share plan introduced in 2012 allocates shares of Clariant Ltd to members of the Board of Directors.As an example, a Sales Representative will receive tailor-made individual objectives for his allocated set of clients, which means a concrete sales target in local currencies, a »Deal Score« target, as an important indicator to measure the margin, how to lose bingo wings and back fat and overdues and receivables as an indicator.Any separate applications of family members for the same product type count as only one application for this contest.