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Say and do artic bingo

Lovely(Irish)nex door neighbour said to me "All he needs is a 'soother.So demented was I,went immmediately to buy one-magic!
We have three children aged 6, 8 and 10 and we would never leave him alone with them.Its only five pounds on the door.In the past, floor safe with drop slot motorway drivers were gsr poker room advised to leave a 2 second gap between cars.Sarah whoever did it thanks for the incredible cycle insects.Basingstoke seems to ignored by the BBC except as an addon national heads up poker to Berkshire.Steve, Finchampstead, peachyNot only have you disappointed me today regarding the toothbrush but I am absolutely dumbfounded that you consider you have a dilemma.Thanks Andrew and team and of course heaps of thanks to Graeme for saying ch a nice guy.
Mary Dyson Hello Miss Walker.
I said that about 2 months ago.
Steve Barrett Andrew Many congratulations on the new addition to your family, hope Mrs peach is doing well.
Maybe should have asked question about a Reading player?
He is now taking the matter further to have this included in the official sign that is placed indicating blue badge parking places.
It can only cause a traffic jam on the approach roads.There is no otherway of paying your bill unless you sign up to direct debit.Chris Brockman Having talked about mobile phone usage with you live on air this Monday I have now got the bit between my teeth and offer an opinion on traffic cameras.I've just watched the Apprentice - penultimate week and sad that Lucinda has walked the plank.Wondering whether anybody else has received such a letter.Org Cleopatra My blog is cars and garages.And can I ever find the one I want?Lenny Hello, I am writng to ask you if you would read out a very happy birthday to my niece Donna Fujani of Caversham.

Won't they be refunding part of the fare?
Clearly she was reluctant and it was not necessary.
They are suicides waiting to happen.