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Recently I discovered that I could rent one of my favorite childhood TV shows from Nefflick, Wagon Train! .
Horton- I once stayed briefly in England with a woman and her family.We're watching "Wagon Train' episodes today. .Sami leaves to find help and flags down a car driving.Horton, Happy Holidays to you and Mrs.I saw you in other roles including a movie in which you were a captive of the Soviets and you were always an outstanding actor.I thank YOU SO very much FOR ALL OF your life YOU have given TO your fans.I always liked westerns and you were definitely a favorite of mine.I had that photo framed in an 8 x 10 frame for years and over time, it got lost. .Horton, I was so very glad to find your website. .
Bye Robert and say hello to your wife.
And going by the photo's on your web site, you have aged well and look great.
I have a love for the theatre too.
it is wonderful to find your web site about robert. .
You were in the Akron/Canton area of Ohio doing "The Rainmaker" at the Canal Fulton Summer arena. .I have never seen him on the box for many many years!Dear robert horton january 11,2007 YOU MAY NOT know pch casino games 10x token ME BY NOW.Horton in Wagon Train.I often wondered how his career had progressed over the years and I was so happy to see the photos of him hale and healthy.Have you given up acting altogether. .I enjoyed so many episodes of "Wagon Train" as a youngster and remember being riveted to see Flint McCullough in action.( yeah right, 9yrs old and living in New Zealand). .Eventually, with Victor's help, Lucas gets joint custody of Will.What Lucas doesn't yet realize is that he is baby Will 's true father.