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A day in August- birds sing, children play.
(ABC) July 25th 1965: Matins from the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy London.
Salad Ways (Tues April 26th 1966,.45-4.45pm) from Westminster Domestic Science College.
Show Jumping (Thurs April 11th 1968.00-4.30pm, and Fri April 12th 2-4pm, also Sat Apr 13 and Mon Apr 15th)- from Hickstead.He tries to explain the complexities of his long standing affair with Muriel and the fact that he is still married to Sally.After a break, apart from Horse Racing, OB cameras returned for Spring Out (Monday April 12th 1965,.50-4.20pm)- Desmond Carrington introduced these programmes.Neither side is grateful to Max, who now learns that the men are even blaming him for their wages lost during the strike 10 Someone I Knew (Mar 7th 1968) also with Isabel Dean, Hugh Cross, John Hallam, Margot Boyd, Rosemary Rogers, Ernest Hare and.He suffers a heart attack and ends up in a coma.Director: Andy Gullen (ABC) Solemn High Mass June 30th 1963: from The Friars Aylesford Kent.Director: Andy Gullen (ABC) Oct 18th 1959: Harvest Festival from the Church of St Mary the Virgin Edlesborough Buckinghamshire.Instead he buys another shop opposite the supermarket.New host: Frankin Englemann.
Muriel insists that they both face the truth: that the only thing they have in common is sexual attraction, and their affair only continued because Sally had happened to find it out.
Commentator: Neil Durden-Smith, with help from Ted Sussum.
Sitting in the car near the beach, she tells Max how she has spent the past eighteen years looking after her mother, until her death, so fulfilling a promise to her father on his deathbed.
"Max drives to Southend in a hired car and joins a funeral party in the local cemetery.
Dec 4th 1958 with Peter Hall.Director: Andy Gullen (ABC) Aug 25th 1963: Sung Eucharist from St Alban the Martyr Holborn London.A new gimmick began on October 27th with Viewers' Box 13, Michael Miles phoned the lucky person at home, "make sure that you are watching." And the prize to the lucky viewer was.Director: Berkeley Smith shot roulette casino game (Southern) Sept 11th 1960: from Eltham Park Baptist Church London.25 They Walk by Night (Feb 27th 1962 Script: Talbot Rothwell and Lew Schwarz.