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The last EIA data point is December 2014 and the last opec data point is April 2015.
There's a book about, I can't remember the name of it, but I'll try to link to it in the show notes that talks about that principle of cash first.At least the total opec chart looks realistic.It looks like they have not a clue as to what the UAE is producing so they just keep the data the same until they think they have a better guess.And then it's also the secondary processing side.But as you start to see consolidation of our customers, you know, the plant-touching folks, whether they're processors or whether they're cultivators, doesn't really matter.And the EIA had their production absolutely flat for 23 months up to September 2012.CO2 is tuneable and you can make it selective as a solvent and say, "Okay, I'm gonna run parameters that aren't going to get all the fats and waxes out.So this particular book, harrahs online slots 777 this "Extreme Ownership" book, you know, Jocko and Leif free casino slot games for android my phone do a real nice job of breaking it down into 10 or 11 sections that are all applicable to business.They're gonna give me a bigger cut of this.That's a good feedstock for edible products, for instance.
And it's a book by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.
And spent six years doing that, got out of the military.
You know, if we had more cash, then everything would be fine.' Cash is king, and in an industry where financing opportunities and financing options are limited even for us, I mean, we've had our bank account shut down, you know, multiple, multiple times.Start on whatever, you know, whether it's vape pens, whether it's dabs, whether it's edible products, whatever it might be, pick one, focus on it, get really good at it, then start to expand your product line.The EIA has condensate averaging.10 for the last 10 years but condensate production has been increasing and averages about.2 percent for the last two years.It means knowing how to adjust to changes in incoming feedstock, right?But it acts like a gas at the same time from the standpoint that it's gonna expand to fill the container that it's contained within.So it can be, so you don't have to go into some huge spec sheet on what the oil is that you want created?But we're not just gonna make our own stuff, we're also gonna take a opportunities from our 500-plus customers to white label and do what's called commercial kitchen manufacturing where we'll manufacturer things in our facility here in Ohio.What is this light that's coming between the clouds?".

There's, you know, all of these extraction companies are businesses.
And if you wanna get a hold of me directly, feel free to email.