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Prayer to win lottery jackpot

prayer to win lottery jackpot

I always love non-sense stories like this, Its absolutely beyond ridiculous to believe or trust that The almighty creator somehow had anything to do with this woman winning!
As he lotto pick 3 results south africa left a family gathering, he announced, "I'm taking my ticket, and I'm going to bed, and I'm going to sleep." "So, I went to bed, and I put it under my pillow.
They were playing the penny slots machine in Atlantic City, and losing.I know not that which profiteth me or harmeth me; Thou art, verily, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.Faith, Prayers and a Gail Howard System Wins 15 Million Jackpot.And I dreamt I won a million dollars he said.It was only the next day when Gloria free contest to win money video was at a church charity auction that her sons prayer received an answer.In spite of financial woes, Lonnis found inner strength in his faith that he would win the lottery.
I don't think so!
And then He reveals this prayer: " #8220;He is the Gracious, the He is the Gracious, the All-Bountiful!
No pun intended, it was a Godsend.
Michigan Lotto jackpot of 45,851,401 on February 25, 1995.
Lonnis was so calm about everything.
The God who instucts us not to gamble is now gambling through his people!
God has never operated in this fashion.Pray to Win the Lottery offers two prayers for winning the lottery.That won the 15,283,800 jackpot?We sold it to my nephew for 150.You provide the faith, the positive optimism and the prayers.Heres an article about an atheist who converted after he mother won the lottery."We are doing our best to use our money wisely and would like to thank you for your system, Gail.A somewhat bemused Sal couldnt help but think that his lottery prayer had been heard after all, it was a million dollars, and the very next day.I cant shrug off that Jesus had a hand.Thy call hath attracted me, and the voice of Thy Pen of Glory awakened.She will now receive 50,000 every year for 20 years or 1 Million.But she didn't Win because of God singling her out she won just like any atheist or Satan worshiper or drug dealer or even the pedophile who won a lottery once.It is simply not GOD!