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Portion road bingo

Such petty cash fund shall not at any time contain more than.00 and a receipt shall be obtained for each disbursement, indicating the amount of cash disbursed, the individual or rent a slot machine app organization receiving the cash disbursement and the purpose for which the disbursement is made.
The permittee shall maintain all documents, receipts, bank statements (including canceled checks bingo session tally sheets, etc., for a minimum of three years for audit purposes.1990 Code 3-8810.).15.120 Display of permit, ordinance and permittee rules.(a) A bingo game shall be operated and staffed only by members of the permittee organization.(f) The city manager shall, after the conclusion of the hearing, make findings of fact based upon the evidence presented, and shall decide whether or not the permit shall be revoked or suspended.5.15.210 Duty of city attorney.
Penal Code 326.5 (b) for any person to receive or pay a profit, wage or salary from any bingo game authorized hereunder, a violation of which is punishable by a fine not to exceed 10,000, which fine will be deposited in the general fund.
Such proceeds shall be deposited in the special bingo account in accordance with the provisions of Section.15.130.
(b) Any advertising or publicity for bingo shall include reference to the valid bingo permit number issued by the license authority.
(b) Applications shall be filed not less than 60 days before the date on which the game is to be played or the series of games is to commence.Penal Code 326.5 and by these regulations.(f) No person under the age of 18 years of age shall participate or be permitted to participate directly or indirectly in any bingo game conducted or being played in any place where bingo games are authorized.Cookies are also used to collect general usage and volume statistical information that does not include personal information.We use this information to, respond to customer service requests, respond to your questions and concerns.Penal Code 326.5.The permittee shall have the bingo permit, the list of approved staff, and proof of ownership of the bingo equipment available for inspection at all times during any bingo game.5.15.040 Application for permit.