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Each one has at least one large secret area.
The game lottery numbers 23 feb 2018 uses a new engine built with Allegro Library but it keeps the Wolf3D feel very well.
Half Life There are 21 seamless levels here, some that are extensive and some that are not.Source code changes include four keys, destructable columns and barrels, some new enemies, seven weapons, shading and textured flats.Wolfenstein Sextilogy Parts 1 And 2 The 10 levels in the first episode are from the previously released 'Episode 1 Revisited though the 10 levels in the second episode are new.Hitlerworld 3 large levels with plenty of changed graphics.Lots of graphics changes though most of them I've seen elsewhere.News, old News, source Code.The standard is very high, similar in quality and style to Martin's levels in the 'Melee' contest.Gex and Thomas made the most levels but there are also some by ack, De Zeurkous, Otto and myself.
The original Wolf3D feel remains.
When you die, the fading effect is "compressed" to the left of the screen.
Both Dos and Windows versions are included.
Operation: Mutant Strike 3 (The Last Mutation) SDL Majik Monkee is pleased to present the conclusion to the Operation Mutant Strike series.
A Doll's House 4SDL V4.00 1-10 Paal tells me that links to A Doll's House 4SDL.00 1-10 is now available.
Death Becomes You Only a corrupted version had been available for many years but has now been partially restored by Andy using ChaosEdit.
Included is a doc file with a game manual and credits list.See the included documentation for info about the games and the update.Addonklub JJ's cool addon club.By Ryan de Haast.Operation: Eisenkrieg 8 levels which are designed well but not that extensive.Amazing Grace SDL Version This mod was made by jpb6891 and has 5 levels.There are some nude sprites in the strip club.Both are well designed and heavily decorated.The level design is excellent, and virtually all graphics have been changed.All have 5 levels of a fair size.There are many features such as floor/ceiling textures, directional sprites, 9 weapons, rain/snow effects, animated clouds and lightshading.Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed and there are many different scenarios.Operation: Letzterschutz SDL Made by Majik Monkee, the set has a total of 30 levels spread out over six episodes.Virtually all the graphics are from the original game though there are many new sounds.