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The thought that a casino would send an employee 200 miles into a different state, posing as paragon casino lafayette louisiana a player for the purpose of spying on card counters, opened my eyes to the lengths the casinos would go to in order to find card counters.
Wong knows it is jackpot block party slot machine software not, and he has told his subscribers that it is not.Posting information about specific dealers who deal deeply if you toke them, however, is best left off the boards where casino spies have access.As I have continued to work on both articles, I've also recently decided to publish Part II first, in this issue.he had used his real name.Remember to protect the games, as well as yourself.Gambling Conferences, the.A.R.G.E.Every day in cyberspace, you can find card counters electronically congregated, sharing vast quantities of information.If you use AOL, be careful not to supply your real name and address where other users can look you.Tournaments are probably okay.Casino personnel are lurking on every gambling website, and are specifically targeting the 'players only' forums and chat rooms.
He had been there.
If you could fool the boss, you had it made.
Blackjack Forum, I stated: ".
Surveillance in the major casinos these days takes place behind the scenes.
Surveillance departments today have lots of full-time employees and multi-million dollar budgets.
I'm not so sure he'd be interested in divulging much about this sordid episode in his life in any case!) I called Anthony Curtis, who knew both Paul and Grossman back then.
Blackjack Forum, Dec '86, "A Spy in the House of Zen.I knew a moderate stakes counter who was barred at Caesars Tahoe during the 1981 Gambling Conference because he was seen talking with Ken Uston.Schubert, we might assume, did not send in his subscription payment on the Casino Software Services checking account.Keep everything running smoothly; that's the prime job for a pit boss.Take this business as seriously as the casinos.Do not introduce this person to any of your companions or teammates, if you are involved in a team.Are Public Blackjack Web Sites Too Dangerous?The casino spies are no longer all sitting in the surveillance video rooms looking at monitors.I often suspect that some of the "loose lips" posts that appear on many blackjack web online casino denmark sites may be placed by casino personnel.(In the early '80s, he contributed items to this publication occasionally.

Yet, for some reason, this makes them all feel safer, like their privacy has been protected.
Internet Interlopers, one of the easiest ways these days for the casinos to infiltrate the ranks of card counters is over the Internet.
And, I think you will agree, many card counters need to know this now.