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Ko blackjack

This betting strategy is based on playing a single deck game of blackjack, but can be altered slightly to accommodate games with multiple best paying slot machines atlantic city decks.
The unbalanced nature of the Knockout system eliminates the need for doing the division, because it compensates for the additional decks.
Various card counting strategies exist, but they all try to do the same thing.
Thats much easier than using a system like the Zen or, uston Advanced Count, where youre assigning 3 values, as well as keeping running, true and side counts.But if youre playing in a game with six decks, you have to divide that 4 by how many decks are still left in the shoe, which is going to reduce that 4 to probably.The trick with the KO system is that the running count does NOT start.How to Use the KO System.So as you see each card youll want to keep a (running) total.Cards are given the following values: Cards 2-7 are valued.Money Management and the KO System.If casino wheel game xword you already know how to use the Hi/Lo system then the KO should be no problem.In this particular system, the deck assumes a slight advantage for the player beginning at a running count.Increase the bet after each running count increment of 2 by doubling the bet.
D., Author of Beat the Dealer.
In the uber-simple ace five count I described above, youre only adding and subtracting a 1 for each important number.
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More Card Counting Systems for Beginners.The starting number is calculated using the following formula 4 - (4 X the number of decks).Its a recommended strategy for beginners because all you have to do is assign a 1, -1 or 0 to each card that is dealt.As mentioned, this is a simple system.This page explains how the KO system works and why its so much easier to use than most other systems.Basics of the KO Card Counting System.Hi-Lo is that some strategic variations are recommended based on the count.The bet amount can be calculated as (running count 1) times the betting unit.