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How to win 4d jackpot

how to win 4d jackpot

If there are more than one winning share, equal sharing kicks.
To.00.m., Mon to Fri, Closed on Sat, Sun Public Holiday.Either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, and the other 4D solaire hotel and casino manila careers number from the same pair matches one of the ten (10) Special prizes.RM3 300,000 12, rM4 400,000 16, rM5 500,000 20, rM6 600,000 25,164 1, rM7 700,000 29,358.Prize Structure 3D (Prize per RM1 bet prize Category, aBC / Big.Singapore 4D 1st Prize 5633 2nd Prize 3646 3rd Prize 1640, special, consolation, advertisement, singapore Toto, toto.RM8 800,000 33,552 1, rM9 900,000 37,746 1, RM10 1,000,000 41,940 1, minimum winnings based on minimum JP Gold 1 amount of RM2,000,000 * minimum winnings based on minimum JP Gold 2 amount of RM100,000.RM100,000 RM30,000 RM20,000 10 Starters 6 digits drawn as Starters RM5,000 10 Consolation 6 digits drawn as Consolation RM2,000 Additional Prizes First 4 digits of 1st Prize First 4 digits of 2nd Prize First 4 digits of 3rd Prize First 4 digits of 10 Starters.4D / 13D (Prize per SGD1 bet) Prize Category Big Small 1st Prize SGD2000 SGD3000 2nd Prize SGD1000 SGD2000 3rd Prize SGD490 SGD890 Starter SGD250 - Consolation Prize SGD60 - iBet (Prize per SGD1 bet) Big 24 Permutation 12 Permutation 6 Permutation 4 Permutation 1st.Jackpot 1 (with an upfront RM2,000,000) NO limit Note: Cascading to Jackpot 2 starts whenever:.
Winforever Office Hours.30.m.
Equal sharing only apply to Prize Group 1, 2, 3 and.
Either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, and the other 4D number from the same pair matches one of the two (2) remaining Top (3) prizes.
For appointment, call or SMS 93874088.
RM 168 for every RM2 bet RM 10 million Group 4 Prize When any one of the 4D numbers in your chosen pair matches any one of the ten (10) Special prizes.
Power ToTo 6/55 (Prize per RM1 bet) Prize Category How To Win Winning 1st Prize Matched all 6 numbers Jackpot (min of RM3,000,000) 2nd Prize Matched any 5 numbers RM3,300 3rd Prize Matched any 4 numbers RM40 4th Prize Matched any 3 numbers RM3.
There is no winner for Jackpot 1, and.Personal Consultation With 4-D Master.4D Elite Players Plan, Improve winning.Join now for striking Top3 prizes!Jackpot 2 (with a minimum of RM100,000) NO limit Note: Cascading from Jackpot 1 starts whenever:.RM3500 2nd Prize, rM1000, rM2000 3rd Prize, rM500, rM1000.DaMaCai 6D Jackpot IBox Prize Structure ibox Type IB720 IB360 IB180 IB120 IB90 Example of 6DJ Number st Prize RM278 RM556 RM1,112 RM1,667 RM2,223 2nd Prize RM42 RM84 RM167 RM250 RM334 3rd Prize RM28 RM56 RM112 RM167 RM223 Starters RM7 RM14 RM28 RM42 RM56 Consolation.Group 2 208,325 4, group 3 2,039 103 Group Group 5 50 7,101 Group 6 25 7,000).Match 3 numbers, match 2 numbers, rM2 200,000.

Instant 4D Result, magnum 4D, sun, no 100/18 1st 9246 2nd 3514 3rd 7087.