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How to play poker without money

Not only has the game evolved to a different level, the players too have become sophisticated, and are drawn from a cross-section of players from all over the world.
When you enter the second phase, the blinds start going up, and that is when you need to start turning aggressive and plan every single move.
In a tournament, you can't walk away when you're ahead; you have to play to the bitter end.
Here the typical poker player usually goes to excess.I think once every half a dozen sessions is about right.You're never out until you decide to leave.Take that same 200 and buy into a 150-man anime based card game tournament with the payout structure above, and your possible profit is 26 of the prize pool or 7,800.During the first phase, the blinds are bound to be small and insignificant.What kind of plays am I cautioning you against too frequent use?
Here is what I advocate.
Lee, and Erwin Rommel all rolled into one and it will not let him beat the odds.
Gone are the days when poker used to be played in backrooms of casinos, where professional gamblers played for hours together.
The pros differ in starting hand requirements, but not by a lot.
As an example, if you took a standard buyin of 200 into a 1-2 No Limit cash game, on a very good night you could maybe win three or four buyins for a profit of 600 to 800.There are differences between tournaments as well, some subtle and difficult to figure what effect they will have on your potential win.As is online gambling illegal for myself, I have had another pro tell me that folding two sixes up front in an aggressive ninehanded hold'em game as I had advocated was "too tight." Of one thing I can assure you.It is in tournaments that one goes through the three phases, taking care to position oneself tactfully to reach the third phase unscathed.In my opinion, making such a play once a session is far too much.However, the larger size of the prize pool means that each place actually pays a higher amount despite being a lower percentage.Picking up spots wisely and making best and raises at the right time are crucial.Poker can never be interesting without bluffing.