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How to play my little pony card game

More on that in a bit.
The goal is to play cards from one's hand to face off against any Problems put forth by either player, scoring points for doing.Another two action tokens and a card drawn, I play Emerald Green against the problem, fulfilling the requirements and scoring my first point.Troublemakers are played onto Problems that prevent the opponent from facing the Problem until they win a faceoff against the Troublemaker card.Name, release date, number of gamble real money online on iphone Unique Cards, notes.My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, I've been picking up boosters and theme decks for Enterplay's card game since it launched last year.The randomly determined starting player draws six cards.That's how you play the.In the top right ae the resources each card brings to the table Blue Moon is worth two purple.Today I finally played my first game, and it was magical.On each turn, players earn a number of action tokens (at least 2) based on their current score.Absolute Discord May 8, The card of Discord is a foiled fixed card released as a teaser in the Discord Collector's Tin product.
This is where the card players gather for tournaments at every level of play, from sealed deck tournaments for beginners to high-level play between players who've named their decks and sleep with them under their pillows.
Thankfully, there are much more helpful resources online these days.
My opponent needs five of any color.
"How To Play The My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, Basically".
They can then play cards from their hand to their "home" space (not challenging any Problem) with what action tokens they have, and then move any of their Mane or Friends to one of the Problem cards, as long as they have met the specific.
There are two important numbers on a Mane Card.Then it's back.In the top right, there's a Power number which determines how much of which color element the character possesses, and the Home Limit dictates how many friend cards can be on the field when the player's turn ends.If a player moves their Mane or Friends to a Problem that is already challenged, a face off occurs between the two sides, the winner determined by the combined value of the cards on both sides.Development and release edit, prior to developing the game, Enterplay was licensed by Hasbro to print a series of standard trading cards based on the, friendship Is Magic property.Canterlot Nights May 16, The cards of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna each have two different versions with alternate artwork, but are otherwise the same.Marks in Time June 10, Instead of theme decks 3 Draft packs were released with this set Defenders of Equestria June 16, Seaquestria and Beyond November 24, Enterplay has collaborated with various hobby and game stores and conventions such as GenCon and BronyCon to host.

In a face-off, both players flip the top card in their draw deck, adding the power value of whichever card pops up to the combined total power of the characters attacking the problem.
Out of action tokens, my turn is over.
This Score Slider card keeps track of points, which is important as the first person to 15 points wins the game.