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Advice for Poker Live Updates Bloggers.
At WPT Cyprus you could even have alcoholic drinks and cigarettes if you were so inclined.
Knowing those three fine people will stand you in good stead for any queries you could possibly have about where you are staying, expected attendance and that sort of thing.Again, if a big hand just took place you do not have to jump straight in and get all the gory details.So much so my good friend Matthew Pitt, editor.Oh, bring lots of pens, writing pads and travel adapters because they are not only difficult to find on the road but they become great bartering tools towards the end of the week!Go to the Welcome Party, most major poker tours throw some sort of welcome party for the players and the media are also welcome to join.For example, when I reported on EPT Snowfest the media were treated to freshly prepared sandwiches, chilled soft drinks and free coffee for the duration of the tournament.The guy who is raking in a massive pot after showing a bluff is going to be delighted if you ask him about the hand, not so much the guy who folded nintendo ds preloaded games card to him.Should you accidentally catch view of a players cards you should see yourself as part of the hand.
This is especially useful if you miss certain elements of a hand.
When I finally returned home, I brought flu-like symptoms with me and by the time I started to feel human again the likes of Jess Welman, Brad Otis Willis and Matthew Parvis all vastly more experienced than I had said all that was needed.
Remember that these guys know the locality and having their knowledge on tap can save you a bucket load of money and make your stay in a foreign country much more pleasant.
Use Your Common Sense and Have Some Respect for Players.
I really wanted to chime in and put.02 across but, ironically, I was providing live updates from EPT Deauville for PokerNews so I just did not have time.Never Look at Hole Cards, while it is sometimes unavoidable, I believe you should never look at hole cards.You can learn more about Matt.What I mean by that is how you react can have an effect on how the hand plays out.Become Known to Those who are in the Know.Sticking with EPTs, the PokerStars Blog writers are vastly experienced as is Marc The Conv Convey who is a permanent fixture on the EPTs.Come Prepared for Everything, some tournament venues really look after the media and others not so much.Although players are usually more than happy to recall details of hands for you, use some common sense for who and when you ask players for information.

On the EPT circuit you could do much worse than introducing yourself to Mad Harper, the Media Coordinator.