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Mode In the song Folsum Prison Blues, Johnny Cash claims, I shot a man in Reno for what callous reason?
Guacamole Which of these classic sitcom characters was not played by an actor with the same first name?
Group leader The reflective surface of a CD usually consists of an extremely thin layer of what metal?Name a store that's always open, even on christmas day.AND.M.D Which of these professional sports leagues does not include a team from Canada?Tehran What French phrase, meaning equal to, is commonly used to refer to foreign nannies?athens While President, Bill Clinton sent only two official e-mails:one test message and one message to whom?Larry sanders Which of these fictional characters are described as being three apples tall?Uganda Which of these gemstones is named after a Russian czar?
Dont stop believing Lynne Spearss 2008 memoir Through the Storm chronicles the ups and downs of parenting a what?
Conchita In Cervantes, Don Quixote becomes delusional after doing what?
THE cheesecake factory Which of these snack food brands has a mascot named Finn who, for some reason, wears sunglasses?
Peyton manning In 2010, a fed-up flight attendant on what airline dramatically deplaned via an inflatable emergency chute?
Name something else that's both exercise and fun: Swimming 33, Tennis 25, Softball/baseball 9, Bowling 7, Bicycle riding 6, Basketball 5, Aerobics 4, Skating 2 Name a specific activity that is so boring it makes you sleepy: Reading 23, Watching TV 19, Watching sports.
Slingshot Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for engineering, what action hero quit MIT harrahs casino phone number atlantic city after two weeks to pursue acting?Star wars Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling are both depicted in a 2010 musical about what scandalized corporation?Film stock Silver amalgam, a combination of silver, mercury,copper and tin, is often used to make what?Deep south In 2007,the Plain White Ts scored a #1 hit with an infectious love song titled Hey There what?SKI jumping What sport does Jose Canseco play professionally?SIX iron If Prince Charles assumes the throne and uses Charles as his king name, what Charles will he be?Dearborn, MI In the comedy classic This is Spinal Tap, the famous" These go to eleven refers to what?Nosegay On the series finale of The Golden Girls, Dorothy becomes Mrs.