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Dao casino token

Germany, sachsen, mother nursing baby / brown porcelain, gilt edge rims, 31mm, U6-1, S7.
Canada, quebec, token, 1812 bust R / Commerce seated L, ONE penny token, copper, 34mm, HW118 nicks,.
Great britain, jeton, 1846 Victoria young head L, victoria regina 1846 / buildings, THE NEW houses OF parliament.octagonal, iron, 19mm, U1-6.France, region provencale, 5 centimes 1921 thin letter, scalloped, aluminum, 23mm,.4b.Japan, US military, johnsons officers club / same, brass, 21mm, C-JP2000a dark.imitation of Turkish gold fun casino party games 1/2 cedid mahmudiye, 1223 year 27, holed as made, brass, silvered brass, 15mm,.
Canada, quebec, halfpenny, 1844 front of bank / bank OF montreal, KM-Tn18 cl.
Japan, US military,.K.O.O.M.
Direct supply stores LTD TWO shillings / bracteate, square, steel, 31mm, slightly bent, light rust,.
One dated 2008, brass, 20mm, few have spots, Unc.
Germany, jeton, ND, laureate adult bust R, lovis LE grand ROY DE france / bow, club lion skin, ET svnt otia divis, edificia regia, bronze, 25mm, LGL (Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer, aG/VG.
France, bayonne, 10 centimes 1917 incuse ship, date 1mm from rim / iron 25mm,.4 crude.
Mexico, token, ND (late 19th.Germany, essen, rms, stadt.Mexico, arras marriage token, ND (1950s couple before church / hands clasped in wreath, brass, 18mm,.4g, crude.Patey / building, monnaie DE paris 1900, edge: * souvenir DE L'exhibition bronze, 37mm,.Albert / spiel marke in wreath, brass, 22mm, Unc.Justice standing L, australia, copper, 34mm, K-Tn160 cor, ens,.Canada, ontario, Bank of Upper Canada,.India, ramtanka, ND (1930s Rama with trident Lakshmana with undecorated bow standing L, 1700 / Rama Sita seated on dais, attendants flanking, Hanuman below, silver plated brass, 29mm, B-R9.