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Cool poker backgrounds

cool poker backgrounds

This article discusses current rgba browser support and ways to use rgba backgrounds in non-supporting browsers.
Its also for every CSS property that accepts color values.
Stores the generated images on the server, so that they dont have to be created every time (generating images on the fly has quite an important performance impact).Of course, with its very own properietary syntax, as usual: filter: endColorstr#550000FF And since nothing is ever simple with IE, IE8 requires a special syntax which has to be put before the first one to work properly in IE8 beta1: -ms-filter: endColorstr#550000FF The code above.Contact Us, cant find the answer to your questions?However, these solutions are definitely incomplete, so youd probably have to wait for full rgba support and provide solid color fallbacks for those (unless someone comes up with an ingenious solution in canvas, its common these days ).Every time you want to use rgba, you have to resort to some converter to create the png and its data URI.Protege Swirl Template, swap out your text as you like.Update: New version, first of all, happy Valentines day for yersterday.Product Support, how to contact the manufacturer for warranty, technical and product support.She'll customize the template however you like and send you an artwork sign-off sheet within a day or two.Use a different design on each side of the chip if you like, or just pick your favorite look and use that for both sides.And some advantages: You will not see the site without a background for even a single millisecond.
Edit: It seems that IE8 sometimes doesnt cache the image produced.
Since the png is embedded in the CSS, its loaded as soon as the CSS itself is loaded.
However, this approach has some disadvantages: All the disadvantages of filters mentioned above.
The filter method works in IE6- without the script for transparent PNGs.
Before you use it, open it with an editor to specify the directory you want it to use to store the created pngs (the default is 'colors and add any color names you want to be able to easily triple diamond slot machine jackpot address (the defaults are white and.
(the worst disadvantage if you ask me).
Forces the images to be cached on the browser so that they dont have to be generated every time (even though their size is very small, about 73 bytes).Opera 10 (still in beta google Chrome, in these browsers you can write CSS declarations like: background: rgba(255,200,35,0.5) url(g) repeat-x 0 50; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.3 color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8 And they will work flawlessly.Custom Poker Chip Templates, need design ideas for your custom chip set?Rgba is not only for backgrounds!Filters cause the text rendering to be aliased and especially when its bold and there is no background-color set it becomes completely unreadable.Swap out your company logo and company name, or the logo for your poker group.Note you can swap the chip and accent colors to anything you like as well.Note we used very non-traditional casino colors here (which print out pretty cool) - you can swap the chip and accent colors to anything you like, just keep a mind towards ensuring there is adequate contrast between the base color and the accent elements.