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Chapter 2, same premise as Chapter 1, but with more buffed enemies and they come out somewhat faster.
Las Vegas is the 39th stage in, into the Future.
Ubers like sanada yukimura when timed correctly, can ensure a high timed score.For Le'noir, you can either use tanky attackers, or get in some quick hits with Lion Cat / Crazed Giraffe, etc.Cats that outrange lenoir and are anti black would be extremely helpful.Chapter 3, le'noir starts off the level.SBK's stop spawning after the 6th one.Cooldown Cat and, cat Eastwood are recommended, and you could bring in an anti black uber.Chapter 3, use the Mooths to build up your money in the beginning.Snache, Doge ) and a couple of, mooths after some seconds.Strategy, chapter 1, use 3-4 meatshields, and use.Further through the level, Gory, Doge Darks, and multiple Shadow Boxer K are spawned with a light peon spam (Snache, Doge, Croco).
Paris Cat, Drama Cats, and, holy Valkyrie are almost a necessary.
Chapter 3 incompleted.
Chapter 1, gory takes the beginning of this stage, along with peons (.
30 seconds in, the Enemy Base begins spawning.
Anti-Black Cats such.
Chapter 2 incompleted Battle lucky 7 slot machine games free Cats POP!
Bahamut with tanky attackers (like Jamiera) to deal damage to the Shadow Boxer K's.Reference Story Mode Stages Battle Cats POP!Chapter 2, same as Chapter 1's strategy, but use some more damage dealing cats like.Ring Girl Cat or, drama Cats to get a lot of hits in for the SBK's, as they rush faster and plow through your meatshields faster.Bring ranged attackers for the Mooths, not neccesary.Chapter 1 incompleted Battle Cats POP!Crazed Sexy Legs Cat does a good job with killing them, along with some tanky units.Two Mooths follow suit towards the Cat Base.Crocos, shadow Boxer K at a light rate.