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Have 1 year experiance and finding myself as ready to get duty.
07 the season ends and I am looking for a boat to crew or skip.
At National Coucil for Vocational Training(Govt of Passed the National Technical Certifcate Grade-3(NTC-3) Passed Marine Mechanic Fitter(Arabian Ship repair yard)Asry Bahrain.
Do any of you know if a person can get work as a deck hand in this day and age, especially with no experience?I have completed a 3years full time diploma in electronics in the year age is 19 years.I am looking for the job of Maritime: Deck Officer(world-wide).If you have any vacancy, please contact me asap at E-mail:.Thanks.I'm 29 years old, E-mail.I'd be glad to be usefull for your company.I even have 2 year sailing experience.T.wenatchi,.T.zeus, UDI splendour.Becase between iran and georgia no eny concctive abut sea in low stcw 1995 I have tow choice for continow this job 1:genge my document fram georgia to ukrainindorsemeant 2:found job in anader countery plize if you can dairect me abute how can chenge.I have all certificates for my prfesional level and I worked on casino slot machine 0x10c a Bulgarian ships for 7 months.At tuticorin port(tuticorin)s-india from ( to ).M Date: ear Potential Worker: I have a small vessel 850 DWT.Occupation : Rigger/Ropesman - 21 years experience.
That why I decided to write about.
Currently working as Maintenance Technician in Northern Laboratories Pte Ltd, Singapore.
I have dual nationality; I have both my European and my Australian PassportAfter effectively completing my final year at high school I went on to college and successfully accomplished my degree in The Netherlands; I have my college degree on Social Cultural work which includes.
Vessel was paddle wheel driven with single engine.SIR, I want TO join merchant navy AS MY future career.6) fresh, frozen canning food handling AND promotion 7) 210 latin america contacts from south OF mexico, down TO south america, with only good credit companies owners contacts.Coordinate deck crew and backload/offload.Date: 21 November 2002 Comments I am a fitter/welder with any experience of over 2 years.Certified (a) Food and Hygine Safety by Tricon International.Of Advanced Personal survival search rescue.I beg to apply for the me:.Your consideration will be most appreciated.

Have 35 years experience with ships, shipping on many and varied types of ships, including research, offshore oil supply, drill ships, container ships, bulk oil, asphalt carrier, general cargo, and others.
I would like to sea service on anykind of vessel, preferably on the permanent basis.