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Black box rewards bonus points

An issue where the text of An Old Letter was referencing incorrect person will be fixed.
Knuckle Booster : Uses MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of your knuckle by 2 levels.
Enjoy increased rates of success when upgrading your equipment during our Spell Trace Fever Time Event!Level 20 free slots play las vegas casinos style required to learn Vivid Nightmare.The stats of the Arcane Symbol will be changed according to the main stats for the character that normalized.Rewards: 30 minutes: Ark Coin (x10) 60 minutes: Ark Coin (x10) 2x EXP Coupon (15 minutes) 90 minutes: Ark Coin (x10) 120 minutes: Ark Sugar Box : Gives 500 Maple Reward Points And a chance to gain Maple Points Ark Sugar Coin Box : The.For the rewards, some are class specific while others are not.Max Level 20 Level 20: MP Cost: 25, Damage: 80, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 3 Generates Flames upon charging.Level 25: MP Cost: 15 of Max MP, Duration: 55 seconds, Damage increases up to 45 depending on current MP proportions, Damage increase reset when Spell Storm occurs.Maintain your bar within the capture zone by continuing to press space.
An issue where Kaiser's 'Cursebite' was increasing the status and elemental resistance by double the amount will be fixed.
An issue where the character's hair would stick out of the nest while sitting on Hanging Nest Chair will be fixed.
An issue where Cadena would get the incorrect Black set weapon in the Frozen Weapon Box will be fixed.
Matrix Points invested can be reset by spending blackjack card counting guide mesos.Nodestone : Costs 50 Ark Coins Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon : Costs 50 Ark Coins.Cooldown: 120 seconds Passive: Reinforced Battle Arts : Increases damage of Arks attack skill for tiers 1-4 except for Spell Bullet, Impending Death, and Vengeful Hate, Max Level 1 Level 1: Damage 20 Guardbreak Arts : Increases Ignore Defense of Arks attack skill for tiers.If you use Master Corruption while using Basic Charge Drive to cancel that skill, it could trigger Battle Frenzy, Max Level.Flying Level: Starting level, no bonus effects.The strength of the Abyssal Aura is based on the number of enemies nearby.Bonus Potential Scroll 50 : Costs 150 Ark Coins.Compensation for the removal of Nebulites will be given out.An issue where you couldn't proceed in Separate Ways 2 and Heliseum related quests will be fixed.MP Cost: 100, Gains a buff for 300 seconds, cooldown 600 seconds.

Time starts accumulating after 12:00 PM on the first day of the event.
Dream Defender : You can receive Arcane Symbols without playing one time if you cleared Arcana, and 2 times if you cleared Morass.
Available in all worlds.