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Author: Jon Giorgini PrtDrivers A couple of new Printer Drivers.
Comes with external configuration editor.
Based upon Leo Schwab's "stars" screen hack.This is version.0, an update to the version on disk.Uedit-Stuff A variety of configuration material for Uedit.It works as commands ASK, IF and skip together, only better.Mical SVTools Some additional useful tools from Stephen Vermeulen.Try it, after using this you wont want to be without it!
I hope you will have a good time!
The screens in front of WB are not affected.
The maze is made up of blocks of ice, which you can push or melt.Has many features including spread, copy, undo, RGB, HSV, as well as customizable gadgets.Author: Marcel Timmermans RTracker A MOD player that is small, easy to use, highly configurable, follows CBM's style guide, supports automatic decompression of MODs, and more.With full intuition support and WB2.0 design (even under.3).Lever contents OF disk 839 Japanese Two programs to help teach Japanese.Author: Dave Schreiber Spigot This ray-traced animation, using overscan HAM and sound effects, is Eric's entry to the 1989 badge Killer Demo Contest, where it won 6th place.Vigdal GetDate A small tracfone bonus offers program that allows users with an A500 or A1000 without a Battery backed-up clock to set the date and time from the startup-sequence.Disect data files can be saved, to be reloaded later: 'hold on to your hacks'!Input timeouts, plus much more!