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When you speak to the Shape, you have the choice of alcohol and gambling addiction rehab helping him burn down the grove, which will presumably draw out the Wood Man and force him to face you, or attempt to extinguish the fire.
You have one choice to make here: accept powerball plus results list and payout on 13 02 2018 the siblings offer to help you fight against the army of spirits (which nets you 2,000 XP and a loss of influence with Kaelyn) or letting them free of their promise, which gets you a 6 point.
Fourth Door : The fourth door is the one that youll be returning to this area for in the future.If you want to pick up the spear we were telling you about before, you can head to the northwest a bit.If you're surrounded by enemies, such as the swarms of spirit rats outside the Sunken City, you can use this on them and grab energy from all of them at once, with a proportionally larger boost to your spirit energy meter, as well.There are a couple of locked chests here, but be sure to have Kaji examine them and disable the traps before you open them.One way or another, this quest will end up with your obtaining the Jar of Condensed Orglash Essences, which is key to putting out the fire in the Burning Grove.Theyll use powerful magics, including Meteor Swarm and Summon Creature IX, on you, so be prepared for anything.Ravenous Incarnation If you suck up the essence of Myrkul when you encounter him, you'll earn this ability, which acts a bit like the Destroyer mechanic in Baldur's Gate.
Youll definitely want to have her memorize the Stoneskin and Spiderskin spells, which can both be cast on all party members for a good amount of damage protection.
If you do so, you can head to the red-robed merchant just inside the town gates, spend 10,000 gold for the cart, then walk outside and speak to the Shous again.
Head inside and speak to the inhabitants after quicksaving.
If you dont have any good conversation skills, you can bribe him to your side.
Head back to a portal and.Devouring Spirits can be done with a new feat that youve obtained; you'll want to place it on your action bar so that it's convenient.Youll find two items there: a Large Charred Branch, and a set of Bark Cinders.Take whatever you like, but you should probably flip Safiya herself over to the crossbow and keep her back.If you use this on an enemy with 25 or less health, you'll gain bonus spirit energy, as well as a Spirit Essence.