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70cm slot antenna

This lets us play some games with impedance matching, but I haven't had time to really figure it out yet.
While both resonant and non-resonant slots are popular with UHF television broadcasters, their design differs drastically from the 2-wavelength Alford Slot used by amateurs.
I am contemplating using a phasing harness to split the transmitter output four ways, each the same electrical length.Several antenna manufacturers targeting the amateur radio market have recently developed loop antennas of various shapes and sizes for horizontally polarized, omni-directional applications.The Suhner gold plated version is 10 euro, very low loss. Multiple slots collinear, 1 lambda center-to-center. Feeding the slot off- center reduces the drive-point impedance (down to 0 ohms at the ends of the slot).The radiall version.5 euro.Mechanical dimensions are as follows with the reference to the drawing of the 23 cm antenna: tube outer diameter: 100 mm wall thickness: 1 mm slot length: 675 mm slot width: 6 mm feeding point is not at the center of the slot but 200.Feeding point impedance is 50 ohm so only the 1:1 balun is used with 122 mm long stub made from the same cable as used for feeding the antenna (RG-188 or RG-316). Slot length 3/4 lambda.The antenna was not targeted for ATV use, but rather for commercial radio applications.However, vswr means nothing when it comes to radiation patterns and antenna gain.
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Although designed for the 70-cm amateur band, this slot length was found to perform much better at 400 MHz.
Various 50ohm SMA male to N male 5 euro.
Nevertheless, plans have been drawn up, and as soon as the right combination of people, materials, and labor can be assembled, a prototype will be built, tested, and installed.
Various pictures showing the manufactured lottery new york post results antenna parts and antennas can be viewed on the.
The phasing harness in turn will drive the four slots in phase.Chapter 13 in Kraus's book says that the drive-point impedance at the center of a 1/2 lambda slot is about 500 best way to win money at a casino ohms.Miller's article "Slotted-Cylinder Antenna Electronics, February 1947, pages 90-93 (volume 20 issue 2).Of those many designs, horizontal omnis seem to be the one design most shrouded in mystery in the amateur radio world. Tubing diameter 1/8 lambda.The slot is fed close to its center with 50-ohm line through a 4:1 half-wavelength coaxial balun.Search The m, about The m, the DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio (Ham Radio currently lists.000 links organized into 600 categories and subcategories.Several years ago, a horizontally polarized, omni-directional antenna consisting of an array of vertically stacked "V" dipoles was purchased and tested prior to installation.

The 2-Wavelength Slot, one type of UHF slot antenna that has gained popularity over the past several years is the a 2-wavelength Alford Slot.