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5 card cash payout

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A 5,000 instant win prize must be redeemed at a Georgia Lottery office.Sign and safeguard your ticket.Instant Win: If your Ticket shows a Poker Hand of a pair of Jacks or better, you instantly win the netent casino prize for that hand.The rank order of the card symbols from lowest to highest: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K,.In order to match in the daily drawing, both the rank AND the suit must match a winning card symbol.El servicio Google Translate es un medio por el cual la Lotería de Maryland ofrece traducciones de contenido y está destinado únicamente para la conveniencia de la no-Inglés usuarios del sitio web que habla.Porque Google Translate es un sitio web externo, la Lotería de Maryland no controla la calidad y exactitud de contenido traducido.
Sample Ticket, how To Win, win instantly at the time of purchase if the card symbols on the ticket match a winning hand from the Instant Win Table.
Daily Drawing: Each evening, seven (7) days a week, the Lottery will draw 5 cards from a standard 52 card deck.
La Lotería de Maryland utiliza Google Translate para proporcionar traducciones de la lengua de su contenido.
A ticket is needed to claim a prize.
Sign and safeguard your exchange ticket.You can cash in your Ticket immediately and get an exchange Ticket with the same cards to hold for the evening daily drawing.The 5 card symbols will be drawn from a field of 52 card symbols.Your 5, card, cash ticket gives you two ways to win: Instant Win, if your ticket shows a winning poker hand, you instantly win the prize for that hand.How To Play, each 5, card.Drawings every day, instant Win, top Prize: 5,000, winning numbers of the Kentucky Lottery stand as drawn.Redeem instant prize immediately or save until after the drawing.La Lotería de Maryland no se hace responsable de los daños o problemas de contenido traducido no sancionados y aprobados por el organismo oficial.

Win in the daily drawing by matching two or more of the 5 card symbols drawn by the Lottery.
Just ask your retailer for a 5 Card Cash Ticket, and you will receive a 2 Ticket featuring five (5) randomly selected cards from a standard deck of 52 playing cards.