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250 000 lottery scratch card

I even put it under the light.
I would have given it back to change everything.
It paid off my mortgage and gave me security, but it hasn't changed who.Later in the evening I scratched it and it said "1 Mil but I thought I'd made a mistake.This Game is a game of chance.It's a lazy person's dream to win a scratch card jackpot.I was young and childish and wanted the picture of me and the big cheque.They finally turned up in the craziest ballgowns, considering it was early morning.But once I got there they didn't have a cheque, just a big version of my winning scratch card.One couple stood out for.
In the end it got confirmed.
After my win my home was robbed by men in balaclavas and they threatened my eldest son with claw hammers.
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But money is not everything.
If You reveal three identical monetary amounts in Game 3, those amounts will highlight and turn green to indicate that You have won one of those amounts.
A monetary amount will also be revealed under the Prize motif (the 'Prize.
The lottery funding forms payment goes through an insurance broker in London who initially visited me to sort it out, but apart from a letter I haven't heard from them.Camelot asked me if I'd meet up with winners in London.He then said, "Should I keep it safe on my boat?" as he's a fisherman. .I mean, where do you put a million pound scratch card? .Everyone takes the mick out of me, but I do believe it could happen again.".

I've been managing it alone, which is hard as a single parent.
We had guinea fowl which looked like a shrunken pigeon with golf balls of cabbage!
Sometimes I think a large lump sum would've been better as I could have paid off my mortgage and moved area.